Ex Machina Builds Out the Future of Video Streaming by Partnering with Akamai to Enable Ultra-Low Latency, Synchronized Interactivity

Our industry-leading video platform and tools enabled by Akamai allow millions of people to engage and interact in real time while they watch their favorite TV show, event, or live stream, without failure and at a scale that is unsurpassed in the industry.”

Jeroen Elfferich, CEO of Ex Machina

Ex Machina has been building innovative multiscreen solutions and high profile, cutting-edge apps for brands and media companies around
the world. The focus now is on enabling interactivity for end users, with everything from second-screen apps and interactive gaming tools to next level interactive solutions in the area of shoppable video — all multiplatform and on multiple devices. The latest breakthrough was finding a way to address an unmet need: enabling ultra-low-latency (ULL) and synchronized streaming with interactivity on the same screen.

Enabling Synchronized ULL Streaming at Scale “After making second-screen experiences a reality, the idea came to us that the interactivity should be integrated directly into video, in a single interface. We saw the opportunity to offer a streaming solution that scales globally and enables synchronized ultra-low-latency streaming across millions of devices around the globe,” says Elfferich.

Ex Machina studied the end-user behavior using a few apps and Twitch extensions launched last year that had live video and interactions. The studies revealed that engaged viewers actively participating in a livestream watch 150% longer than passive viewers. Basic video interactions (e.g., polls) can reach 90% engagement rates. More elaborate gamification can reach 30% to 50% engagement rates. Ex Machina recognized that every video application requiring interactivity can benefit from such a solution — sports broadcasters needing to switch cameras, gaming companies with interactive players, and game shows inviting viewers to chime in with their answers. The applications even extend to a corporate setup, such as to enable interactivity at an all-hands meeting. 

Read the full Akamai Case Study on how Ex Machina Builds Out the Future of Video Streaming on Akamai.com.

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Livery provides synchronized, interactive, ultra-low latency live video

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Livery Ultra Low Latency Video - latency overview

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