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Combine low latency live streaming and interactive components to create your next live video project.

Gamified participation

Gamify the video experience with trivia and predictions, allow viewers to vote for the outcome of the game, or give individuals and teams the chance to score points.

Camera Switching

A synced video stream makes it possible to instantly switch to a different camera angle providing a premium viewer experience.

Real-time Data

Provide additional information to enhance the viewing experience, like real-time stats, product information, match info or scores.

Show interaction results

Ask the viewer questions, polls or predictions and display the results directly on the live stream. Create a personalized experience for each viewers.

Branding & Sponsorship

Generate leads directly from the live stream, create sponsored segments that promote your brand, and create general buzz around your company with cutting-edge immersive experiences!


Make your live video shoppable by integrating direct transactions into the stream. Engaged viewers can complete the transaction directly from the stream.

Synced low latency live video that shows the same frame at the exact same time is the best way to create interactive experiences and avoid spoilers.

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Case study

Live concert

Livery was used to bring a live performance of 12 DJs to their fans at home, during the pandemic lockdown. The concert was organized in an empty football stadium, allowing fans to join in remotely. Thousands of viewers tuned in to watch their favorite DJ perform and to have a high quality concert experience on any device.

Case study

Live shopping

Hepsiburada uses Livery low latency video for integrated, real-time shopping extensions.

The live shopping model is a groundbreaking way to sell special deals and limited stock items. Hepsiburada sees this as a key way to bolster their sales during the all-important holiday shopping season.

Hepsiburada - Livery - Case Study
lift kviz Livery Case Study copy
Case study

Live trivia - Lift Kviz

Lift Kviz is a Serbian live trivia series. The quiz can be played from any location, on any device. Thousands of players have joined the game, which is backed by high quality and stability of the Livery solution. It is the first quiz of its kind in Serbia.

Case study

Interactive music quiz

Livery powered the Dutch Dance Quiz, an interactive experience that took viewers on a journey of Dutch dance music through the ages. Set in an iconic warehouse gig venue, the quiz lets participants engage directly with headline acts and celebrate Dutch music.

Dutch Dance Quiz Case Study Livery
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Use Case

Sports & Esports

Viewing sports events, where the action happens on multiple locations or when multiple matches are at the same time. You want to be in control of the camera determining when and what you like to view.

A synced low latency stream allows the viewer to enrich his/her video experience by selecting the camera angle they prefer and completely in sync with the mainstream. Providing new business opportunities for content creators.


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