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Live shopping

Live shopping is revolutionizing e-commerce. With conversion rates of up to 30%, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Unlock the power of live shopping and boost your sales with Livery starting at just €450 per month.

Livery: the ultimate all-in-one live shopping solution

We're here to help you start your live shopping show. Learn how to effortlessly engage your viewers, turn them into active customers, and re-target them with precision.

Live shopping

Turn a viewer into a customer in 3 steps

Attract your target audience, captivate your viewers, and drive sales.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Entertain

get your viewer's attention with engaging & exciting content

i n v o l v e

Step 2 - Activate

incentivize action with fun interactive elements throughout the event​

E n g a g e

Step 3 - Prompt

entice sales through urgency, uniqueness, FOMO and a well-timed cue

s e l l

- The Livery Live Method -

“Interactive video leads to viewers who buy more, more often because they're already leaning into your content.”

Research shows that highly engaged consumers spend 60% more per transaction [source]. We give you the tools you need to transform your audience into these active and engaged customers with ease through our rich range of Livery interactions.

Livery Live method

Script, storytelling & timeline:
set the mood for a shopping spree

Design a script & storytelling timeline to engage your audience.
Make interactivity irresistable by using opinion-based interactions and gamification.

Once everyone feels comfortable and the mood feels right, it is time to kick-in the commercial propositions with unique products and limited discounts. Get ready to watch the sales roll in!

More about the ‘Livery Live Method’ and how to build a timeline that converts can be found in our blueprint.


Live shopping with Hepsiburada

The Turkish e-commerce market leader, Hepsiburada (which translates to “everything is here”) started to use Livery Video & interactions to create an online shopping channel. Through Livery Video, Hepsiburada conducts their frequent live shows where they review and promote technology, cosmetics, toys, and more to thousands of engaged viewers.

While enjoying the show, viewers can purchase the promoted products directly within the video stream. Thanks to Livery’s syncing technology, the video and interactions stay in near-perfect timing–no matter how heavily shoppers interact with the video, they won’t miss a thing. Once the show has ended, all on-stream data is Hepsiburada’s to keep and analyze, giving them an opportunity to learn and adapt to their shoppers over time.


conversion on exclusive offers during the show.




brandvalue and brand loyalty with participants

From idea to execution

get the guide

Revolutionize Your E-commerce Sales with our free Live Shopping blueprint

Our Livery Live Shopping Blueprint takes you from zero to profit. The blueprint contains simple steps and building blocks that will help you:

  • Build detailed customer profiles
  • Collect relevant data
  • Improve conversion & customer retention
  • Enrich your loyalty program
  • Attract new customers
  • Build an engaged community
  • Create brand recognition
  • Craft a memorable brand experience

Powerful interactions

Turn your live event into a money-making machine.
Seamless e-commerce interactions, integrated into your live stream to boost your sales with ease throughout the event. Check out a selection of our live video shopping interactions:

Link to products

Product ratings




And more...

This is just a selection of our interactions…

Versatile business goals

It's more than sales

Sales are important, but there’s so much more that goes into building and sustaining a business. Live shopping also supports goals like:

  • Building detailed customer profiles
  • Collecting high-quality and relevant data
  • Improving conversion & customer retention
  • Enriching your loyalty program
  • Attracting new customers
  • Building an engaged community
  • Creating brand recognition
  • Crafting memorable brand experiences

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