Synchronized, interactive,
ultra-low latency live video

Livery powers the next generation of live video

Ultra-low latency

Optimized to deliver ultra-low latency video, streamed via major CDN’s. Less than 3 seconds latency at no additional cost.

Secure Sync

Encrypted frame accurate synchronization ensures all viewers see the same frame at the same time, to prevent leaks and cheating.


The interactive layer makes it possible to create engaging experiences on top of the video players, all in perfect sync with the video.

Ultra-low latency video streaming for web, TV and mobile.
Use interactivity to entertain, educate and engage your audience while monetizing your content.

Use Case

Live events

Use Case

Sports & eSports

Use Case

Live shopping

Use Case

Live gameshow apps

The Livery Offering

The all-in-one Livery platform includes an encoder, CDN, video player, and web-based management system. Every component is designed to efficiently work together to achieve the lowest latency at scale.

By default Livery provides:

Ingest your video source directly from the camera, mixer or studio. Livery supports up to 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second.

Use our fully redundant hardware encoder or simply ingest your live video feed to our cloud encoder over RTMP or SRT. The encoder support H264, H265, and VP9 for the best possible video delivery.

A glass-to-glass latency of 1-3 seconds, cost-effective, has no scaling limitations and is compatible with all major CDN’s.

Livery works with the largest CDN providers to reduce the distance between ingest locations and edge servers providing the lowest latency possible.

The Liver players for iOS, Android and Web (JS) ensure your viewers with the best quality video with the lowest possible latency.

Supported by an easy to use web based director tool to configure and manage your live stream. Or integrate Livery directly in your software using the Livery API.

The Livery player comes with an interactive layer to enhance the video experience. Show game data, sell directly from the video, or integrate gamification and betting on your stream.

Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and experience (QoE) relies on reliable and insightful analytics. Livery offers detailed analytics from the Encoder, CDN and the players.

The video players load as many frames in the buffer as possible to provide a smooth stall-free viewing experience, using the Sync logic to play the correct frame. The Livery solution is able to encrypt groups of frames loaded by the players, preventing early access to the buffered video.

The ABR algorithm switches the video quality up or down based on the internet connection of the end-user. Providing the smoothest possible playback.

The VMAF algorithm tests a wide range of encoder configurations in combination with our customers’ content. The algorithm will recommend an ABR ladder with the best possible settings encoder settings.

Interactive video

With Livery you can add interactive experiences directly on top of the video player. Everything is in perfect sync with the video stream creating new opportunities for innovative and interactive video extensions, from live statistics and graphics to live trivia quizzes, betting and auctions.

“Adding meaningful engagement to a live stream increases the average view time of engaged viewers with 150%”

The lowest possible latency

Less than 3 seconds of glass-to-glass latency with Livery’s Chunked CMAF approach. The video synchronization technology allows you to define the exact latency across devices.

Chunked CMAF is more cost effective than WebRTC, has no scaling limitations, and is compatible with all major CDN’s.

Livery Ultra Low Latency Video - latency overview


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