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Livery offers marketers, educators, video specialists, engineers, and creative professionals a simple way to host engaging online events that their viewers will love. Our ready-to-use all-in-one technology makes it easy to host large-scale interactive live events enriched with gamification, learning, and live video commerce features.

Our Livery Video platform offers:
• An easy-to-use web-based dashboard
• High-quality video streaming
• Competitive pricing
• Low latency livestreaming-as-a-service

This is made even more powerful when combined with our Livery Interactive widgets, giving users unique, integrated, and customizable interactivity tools to turn their livestream into magic.

Video (live video in particular) is experiencing explosive growth across industries, and Livery aims to be at the forefront. With our technology, we’re lowering the barriers to entry for professional video content creators, owners, and distributors interested in interactive live streaming. We expect this growth trend to continue through the decade as we witness the adoption of 5G technology, live retail technology, and the metaverse.

Our objective is to help Livery customers create or enhance their apps and websites with interactive video technology. We see a more valuable and profitable future for our customers as we help them make their live events bigger, more memorable, more engaging, and more enjoyable all around.

We also work with channel partners to support customers that can’t do this in-house. By taking away as many barriers as possible, we expect exponential growth for our customers and partners. In addition, we are grateful for the support of the Province of North Holland and our ‘Self service interactive video overlay’ project partner Pit Group Intech B.V. (dba Amsterdam Standard).

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