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Livery is an end-to-end solution, so it comes with everything you need to start a livestream. You can be set up and ready to go in minutes.

All of Livery’s settings and features are managed from a simple web interface with everything you need to prepare, produce, analyze, and monetize your ultra-low latency live interactive video stream.

As a user, all this means is that you need to push your video to Livery with SRT / RTMP – (something we can easily show you how to do if you’re lost) and embed our player into your website or in your mobile app.

Absolutely. With Livery, you can easily create a simple, fun, and entertaining revenue stream for your e-commerce business through live shopping.

Livery lets your customers shop your livestream with ease. All you have to do is attach our interactive shopping components to your live video or online event to convert a passive audience into profit. To learn more about Livery Live Shopping, click here.

Livery is designed for professional use cases, which means that it delivers a stream quality unmatched by competing solutions. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

  • With Livery, you own your data and content. With almost all free platforms, the data and published work are owned by the platform.
  • Livery is a white label solution, which means you can determine the branding.
  • With Livery, you determine the content you publish. With most free platforms, on other hand, they monitor the content via an automated system. Their algorithm can remove the audio of the content, the content itself, or even your account.
  • With Livery, you are in full control of your video settings. To get a complete overview of the major differences between Livery and social media platforms (like Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok), click here.

Yes, our interactions are suitable for mobile devices, both for hosts that want to stream from their phone, and viewers tuning in on a mobile device. Livery is also compatible with app use cases (meaning you can easily integrate Livery into your mobile app).

The Livery Player SDKs can be integrated on iOS, Android, and web in a matter of minutes. From there, a built-in interactive layer brings true interactive video within everyone’s reach.

Yes you can! You can easily customize the theme of your player with branding details, like a custom color and logo.

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Live streaming

Questions we get about live streaming with Livery:

It is possible to use the Livery solution with 3rd party players, but we are not able to monitor or guarantee the perfomance of the stream.

While latency is crucial, synchronization often matters even more. That’s why we’ve built an end-to-end solution into Livery that ensures every user sees the same picture at the same time. Regardless of where you are, what device you use, or how fast your internet connection is – there are no discrepancies, cheating, or getting ahead. We plan to add full encryption to provide peace of mind for even the most sensitive live streams, where unintended early access to information to the wrong people could mean a press conference ruined, a stock price manipulated, or many bets lost.

Livery uses the CDN infrastructure of Akamai, the world’s most trusted CDN provider. Akamai fully supports the ULL-CMAF standard on which Livery is based. Use Livery in the US, Europe, Asia and beyond – all at the same time. The only challenge can be China. Livery streams to China from the surrounding countries, meaning that our video data needs to go via the Chinees Firewall, adding additional latency to the stream.

Livery is ready to reach millions. Your live stream can scale to volumes beyond anything WebRTC can reach. In fact, the more users Livery has, the better data is distributed and cache is spread. Our streams get stronger with size. Other solutions suffer as audiences explode; Livery thrives.

Our standard agreement consists of one stream per environment. However, are you interested in streaming with multiple streams at the same time, look at our partner model (link partner page). As a Livery Partner you’ll have the possibility of streaming with 3 concurrent live streams.

Yes you can embed the livery player on any website or application.

Livery is an end-to-end solution, which means that no additional solution (and cost) are need to run your interactive live stream. It is set up and ready to use in minutes. All of Livery’s settings and features are managed from a simple web interface with everything you need to prepare, produce, analyse, and monetize your ultra-low latency live interactive video stream. For you, it means you only need to ingest your video (with SRT / RTMP) with the use of video processing hard- or software (like OBS) and embed one of our player (SDKs) on your website or in your mobile app. 

Video features

Questions we get about which video features Livery supports:

Our cloud enocder accepts RTMP or SRT.

Yes, with Livery we can support a wide range of bitrates and resolutions form 180p (200kbps) upto 2160p (20mbps)

The ULL-CMAF protocol used by Livery support DRM (digital rights management), but Livery does not provide a of the shelf solution for DRM.

Yes, Livery support domain whitlisting and token authentication. By default the connection between the streaming hard/software and cloud encoder, encoder and CDN are encrypted.

Yes, Livery support domain whitelisting. The domains can be set in the “Stream Settings” of the video portal.

Yes, Livery allows you to configure your own login flow, so you can determine how much information you collect from your users.

Livery stores analytical data for 3 months. After the 3 months the data is removed.


Questions we get about our interactive features:

Our pre-configured interaction widgets offer a lot of exciting options and potential, but if you had something else in mind, you can do that too. Livery’s interactive live video streaming platform empowers you to build and load your own custom interactions using HTML/JavaScript so you get exactly what you want out of your live streams.

We offer 4 interaction packs: Core, Communication, Gamification and Commerce. More information about the packs and which interactions they include can be found here.

Yes, there is a moderation on the Q&A. Our Q&A feature lets your viewer ask or search through questions and get answers quickly. The operator can manage the Q&A from the CMS, decide which questions are shown to either the viewers, the host or both and answer the questions.

Yes our interactions are suitable for mobile devices. The livery Player SDKs can be integrated on iOS, Android, and web in a matter of minutes. Here, a built-in interactive layer brings true interactive video within everyone’s reach.

You can customize the theme of your player with branding details, like a custom color and logo.

Yes, you can add your own “Tracking ID” via the Livery interactive portal.

Your first live stream

Questions we get about doing a first live stream:

You can integrate our player SDKs on iOS, Android, and web in a matter of minutes. A built-in interactive layer brings true interactive video within everyone’s reach. Documentation about how the add the Livery player SDK’s to your platform is available via https://docs.liveryvideo.com/. Should you have any questions on how to best implement our player into your project, just get in touch (link to contact form)

The bitrate determine of the kind of content you like to stream. A lower bitrate can be used when streaming simple content like a talking head or a cartoon. With complex content like a sport match or fireworks a higher bitrate is need to achieve the same level of quality. Please see this article for more information. 

Livery can work with different frame rates. The frame-rates depend on the region (24/25/30 FPS), and also on the kind of content you’re streaming. When you have fast moving images like during sport matches or games, a higher frame rate (50 or 60 fps) would be needs to create the best possible picture. In general we recommend to use 50fps were possible, even with simple streams. The data you sacrifice with the higher frame rate would not outweigh the feeling of quality a smooth stream provides.

Yes, Livery support virtical resolutions like 1080×1920.

Do you want to learn more about video quality? In this explainer video we’ll explain you what video quality is, how the process looks and how you determine the best possible settings for your type of content.

Please contact your account manager, so he can provide you with the Key to the Livery interactive and video API.


Questions we get about memberships:

Start streaming from just €450,- Check out our pricing page to customize your package. 

Livery supports you as your needs change. And if you no longer need us, you can cancel with 1 month notice. 

Not interested in interaction? We offer live video for websites, iOS, Android, & Web apps. Enjoy high quality, synchronized, low-latency streams that come at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming.

No upfront investment is needed: Livery only changes for usage. Our invoices are transparent: user hours are registered by the minute. Your monthly invoice is based on the total number of end user hours registered, multiplied with the applicable user hour fee. If your monthly total is less, a minimum of €450 applies.

Livery has a “Bring your Own data” model which allows you to us an already exsisiting Akamai account in combination with Livery.

Streaming problems

Questions we get about thing that are not working properly:

Livery support the option to add an Audio/Video offset. This can correct any audio/video sync issue that might occure with the usages of different FPS values in the broadcast pipline.

The interactive widgets are controled independed from the video stream. It could be that the interactive broadcast is not yet Live, while the video broadcast is. It would also be good to check if the proper interactive URL is set in the “Stream Settings” of the Video Portal.

Please double check if the StreamID used when implementing the player matches the one you are using for you stream.

Please make sure you have set the stream key. It would also be good to review this page to see if the settings for you streaming tool is listed here.

Yes, Livery is able to provide both acitve and passive support during Live Events. Pleae contatct your account manager for more info.

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