Livery is built from the ground up to ensure every step in the video chain is optimized to deliver ultra-low latency video at scale. It is the first platform that combines the ULL-CMAF (Ultra Low Latency) protocol with synced and interactive video experiences at no additional cost.

Livery provides cross platform live streaming with clever buffer algorithms for a smooth video playback that optimizes to bandwidth and device. Livery is the only end-to-end platform with Secure Sync that allows you to configure the latency across iOS, Android and Web apps.


Low latency

The Livery Player

The Livery Player is optimized to develop your low latency interactive video project. Launch on any platform and easy to install using the Livery Player SDK for mobile and web.

Support for all popular video DRM encryption standards.

Global and scalable

Operate from Anywhere

Connect from anywhere to the web based director environment for full control over your stream and encoder settings. Or use the Livery API to integrate Livery in your existing platform.

The Livery director allows you to