Synchronized, ultra-low latency live video

If you are ready to add interactivity to your live videos (iOS, Android & Web apps), you are in the right place. Add polls, quizzes, shopping, and more.

Introducing Livery, your ultra-low latency live video partner.

Why Livery Video

Live streaming for professionals

Our live and synced ultra-low latency live video and our interactive elements are ready to scale up to millions at the same time. We deliver an encoder, CDN and player all together.

Our low-latency streams come at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming. So read on, or check out your price instantly, or let us walk you through a free demo.

Ready to reach millions

Ultra-low latency video

End to end
& easy to use

Great Value

Synchronized video

Ultra-low latency live video

Less than 3 seconds latency

Low latency lets users see the content as it happens, not 30 seconds later. Ever heard your neighbours celebrate a point while the ball was still miles from the goal on your screen? That’s latency, and for live content, latency sucks. More importantly, latency this low is opens up a variety of opportunities, especially in interactive video.

You can choose your desired latency: from glass to glass latency of 1-3 seconds up until 10 seconds, depending on your wishes.

By utilising state-of-the-art ULL-CMAF technology and regular Content Distribution Networks (CDN) we offer superior scalability and quality compared to WebRTC, at lower cost. Plus Livery is end-to-end optimised for low latency, meaning that encoder, CDN and player are all fine-tuned for the lowest possible latency.

Test our player and experience ultra-low latency here.

Great value

Ultra-low latency live video at no additional cost

Our prices compare to traditional, high latency streams without sacrifices in scalability or picture quality.
Start streaming from € 95,-.
Calculate your price and see for yourself:

We can offer Livery for less by using existing infrastructure of the internet. Unlike WebRTC for instance, Livery doesn’t depend on expensive data centers or dedicated cloud infrastructure.

You only pay for what you use, wherever in the world your users may be, without any big commitments or upfronts which are the norm elsewhere.

Synchronized video

The same frame at the same time

While latency is crucial, synchronization often matters even more. That’s why we’ve built an end-to-end solution into Livery that ensures every user sees the same picture at the same time. Regardless of where you are, what device you use, or how fast your internet connection is – there are no discrepancies, cheating, or getting ahead.

We plan to add full encryption to provide peace of mind for even the most sensitive live streams, where unintended early access to information to the wrong people could mean a press conference ruined, a stock price manipulated, or many bets lost.

easy to start, easy to use

Start the magic in minutes

Sophisticated live streaming used to be complex. You had to learn to use and ensure compatibility between encoders, CDNs, players, user authentication, analytics. It’s a wonder anyone found compatible components to operate effectively.

Worry no more – Livery is set up and ready to use in minutes. It’s simple, it’s end to end, it’s easy to start – and if, for whatever reason you stop streaming, it’s just as easy to stop.

All of Livery’s settings and features are managed from a simple web interface with everything you need to prepare, produce, analyze, and monetize your ultra-low latency live interactive video stream.

With Livery you truly only pay for what you use. No fixed license, hidden fees, mandatory service contracts, or obscene pay-as-you-go pricing until you finally give in to year-long commitments. 


Ultra-low latency live video streaming that scales

Livery is an end-to-end solution built from the ground up to ensure every step in the video chain is optimized to deliver ultra-low latency video at scale. It is the first platform that combines the ULL-CMAF (Ultra-Low Latency) protocol with synchronized and interactive video experiences at no additional cost when compared to regular latency streaming. 

As a result, Livery offers you more flexibility, control, and features for truly interactive livestreaming across iOS, Android and Web apps.

The architecture  of livery

Global & Scalable

Unlike WebRTC, Livery is ready to reach millions in seconds

ready to reach millions

Large, larger, largest. We scale to the max, together with your ambition.

Livery is based on ULL-CMAF and regular CDN infrastructure. This means that Livery can offer quality and consistency around the world, backed by trusted partners like Akamai. Due to our scale, we are able to offer our customers rates that are more competitive than regular latency CDN solutions.

Your live stream can scale to volumes beyond anything WebRTC can reach. In fact, the more users Livery has, the better data is distributed and cache is spread. Our streams get stronger with size. Other solutions suffer as audiences explode; Livery thrives.

Scalable and reliable

Livery is powered by the world’s most established and powerful CDN Akamai, which offers:

  • Total traffic capacity of over 100 terabits/second
  • Peak concurrent live streaming capacity of over 25M (2019 Cricket World Cup)
  • 85% of the internet’s users are within a single “network hop” of an Akamai CDN server


Livery Encoder

The Livery encoder is built to provide the highest video quality with the lowest possible latency, all in perfect sync. Based on your needs Livery can provide an on-prem encoder or a cloud encoder – both provide full support for scaling, transcoding, transmuxing, and adaptive bitrates (ABR).


  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Landscape and Portrait resolution support
  • Adjustable audio offset (to correct lip-sync issues)
  • Web-based management system
  • Public API
  • Built-in capture card SDI and/or HDMI
  •  Full redundant operations and fallback with a smooth transition between encoders (requires 2 encoders)

Cloud Encoder

  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Landscape and Portrait resolution support
  • Adjustable audio offset (to correct lip-sync issues)
  • Web-based management system
  • Public API
  • SRT and/or RTMP ingest
  • Dedicated cloud proxy to maximize the efficiency of the cloud encoders

Up to 5x lower encoding cost

Fixed encoding: reduce costs for low volumes

Discover how our fixed encoder is changing the game for streams with smaller audiences. This single bitrate encoder is the perfect solution for use cases where encoding is a big chunk of your total cost. It ensures top-notch video & audio quality at up to 5x lower cost, no matter the audience size.


Livery video distribution

Global availability

Use Livery in the US, Europe, Asia and beyond – all at the same time. Stream worldwide, in sync.

Powered by Akamai

Livery uses the CDN infrastructure of Akamai, the world’s most trusted CDN provider. Akamai fully supports the ULL-CMAF standard on which Livery is based. We are the first video solution to be certified by Akamai to deliver low latency live streaming.


Why pay more for an untested CDN or third-party WebRTC provider, when Livery offers premium, Akamai-powered CDN capacity at a lower price point? 

Start streaming from just € 450,- per month. Check out the pricing.


Stream with the confidence that your audience will see your content at the same time in perfect sync with consistent low latency. Whether your stream has a few hundred users, or millions, Livery has got you covered.

For all platforms

Advanced player

The Livery Player is optimized to develop your low latency interactive video project. The player can be integrated in a matter of minutes and comes with a built-in interactive layer. Launch on any platform using iOS, Android or Web SDK.

Livery player

Player features: adaptive bitrate, configurable fixed latency (1-10 seconds), configurable interactive layer, web SDK via NPM, embed web player via iFrame, SDK for iOS Android and React Native, remote player controle (layout, features), interactive Bridge, stream phases (pre, live & post), poster image & pre-roll video support.

Documentation can be accessed via Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding implementation.


Low latency with the use of traditional infrastructure

Chunked CMAF is cost effective, has no scaling limitations, and is compatible with all major CDNs. You can also protect your video by applying any of the common encryption standards.

Traditional HLS & Dash: the encoder has to encode a full segment worth of video before it can be uploaded to the CDN. Next, the CDN delivery adds hundreds of milliseconds on top. Finally, the video player needs another couple hundred milliseconds or so to download the segment. These milliseconds add up.

Livery decouples the segment size from the latency, chopping the video into even smaller pieces called chunks. Instead of pushing entire segments, Livery pushes chunks to the end users, lowering the player’s overall latency and startup time.

Livery low latency Traditional HLS & Dash
Livery low latency Traditional HLS & Dash


Traditional hls & dash

What to use?

Livery's ULL-CMAF vs WebRTC


ULL-CMAF is based on standard video delivery protocols and does not require a special server setup. The price for ultra-low-latency video is similar to the VOD price points, making it about 4-8X cheaper than WebRTC. Livery works with a fixed global price point per GB.


Our ULL-CMAF is able to achieve a glass-to-glass latency of 1-3 seconds, depending on the location, accommodating 90% of all low latency use cases. WebRTC is a better fit for use-cases where a sub-second latency is required, like video conferencing solutions such as Skype or Zoom.


ULL-CMAF is designed as a “one-to-many” solution, able to scale to millions of concurrent users and more than capable of handling spiky traffic behavior.


ULL-CMAF is based on the known video delivery protocols DASH and HLS, which means that video features used for VOD content, like DRM or advertisement insertion, can be adopted to your ULL-CMAF live stream.


Detailed analytics

Livery collects data from 3 sources: the encoder, CDN, and player SDKs. All data is collected in a Redshift database and powers Livery’s real-time dashboards. Livery provides an in-depth understanding of your audience’s viewing behavior, helping you make real-time decisions and allowing our engineers to quickly provide support whenever and wherever they’re needed.

  • Real-time customer stats dashboard
  • Aggregated data for player, encoder, CDN:
    • Connection speed
    • Unique users
    • Concurrent users over time
    • Video quality
    • Devices used
    • Users per app/website
    • Location based heat-map
  • System health checks

direct connection

API access

The Livery API can be used by application developers that are using the Livery streaming solution and want to control the stream from within their own software instead of relying on the Livery webbased management system.

All information needed to get started can be found on the Livery documentation page:


Access and security

Security is an important consideration for any livestream. Here are some of the ways we ensure your stream’s security is well organized.

Domain whitelisting

You can easily whitelist one (or more) domains, meaning that only viewers with emails hosted on these domains can access the stream.

Paid access / Secure session tokens

The secure session tokens limit stream access to just the viewers with a valid token. This feature allows you to create exclusive content accessible only to paying viewers.

Stream Key for RTMP/SRT

Protect the video ingest (RTMP or SRT) with a regenerable key to prevent people from illegally overtaking your stream.

CDN Authentication

CDN authentication protects the connection between the encoder and the CDN.


All stream traffic gets directed via HTTPS, so you can rest assured that Livery delivers the stream safely.


Integrate interactivity in your live video

Livery’s interactive experiences run directly on top of your live video in perfect sync with the video stream. This integration creates new opportunities for innovative and interactive video extensions, from live statistics and graphics, to live trivia quizzes, betting, shoppable video and auctions.

interactivity in a live video stream

You're in good company