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Online tastings

Start your live, gamified tasting journey

Customers play, eat, drink and buy your product without leaving the livestream.


Data generating live online tastings of your products for customers, no matter where they live.

Online tastings

Next level tasting sessions in 3 steps

Using a gamified online tasting platform brings a dynamic twist to your business, making product exploration not just informative but also enjoyable for users. This method increases engagement, fostering a deeper brand connection. Gamified interactions generate insightful data that can refine marketing strategies and bolster long-term sales. This strategy strikes a balance between entertainment, commerce and collecting marketing insight through data from the interactive behaviors of participants, transforming tastings into impactful experiences that boost brand loyalty and market reach.

Step 1 - Taste at home

The best live & remote tasting experience with real tasting at home.

t a s t e

Step 2 - Engage & data

Add extra tasting fun and engagement with quizes, polls and leaderboard.

a c t i v a t e

Step 3 - Valuable data

Analyze the data: learn from the average / target yuor marketing on user profiles.

l e a r n & t a r g e t

- The Livery Live Method -

“They taste, play and interact, filling our user profiles with data that makes money”

“All interactive moments will gather data, not indirect, but from the user itself.”

This interactive and engaging tasting sessions will entertain participants in new ways. They will discover products they will like and will buy either direct or later. By answering trivia, but especially polls and ratings, participants will provide you with valuable data for future marketing activities, for both your existing customers and the market in general . 

Livery Live method

Script & respond: how to make it fun,
engaging & get valuable data

Add an extra layer of engagement to a tasting and generate feedback from a large group of (potential) customers which can be used for data-centric marketing.

Online live tastings will…

Enhance branding

Strengthen your brand with a differentiating and innovative service.

Make tastings scalable

Increase your sales area and save costs by communicating directly with customers without the costs of traveling, physical meetings and events.

Customer acquisition and loyalty tool

Attract new customers or reward existing customers with this differentiator.

Open up new markets

Create new product-market combinations and/or enter new markets.

Generate data

Generate immediate feedback from a large group of (potential) customers which can be used for data-centric marketing. The data is 100% yours! 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Cross & upsell products to your existing customer base.


eLuscious - The National Wine Quiz

De Wijnbeurs, one of eLuscious’ leading e-commerce brands in the Benelux, organized the National Wine Quiz livestream in November of 2021 using Livery’s live streaming solution.

Before the big event, at-home participants were able to order their own wine tasting box that arrived with six (blinded) tubes. While the in-studio teams navigated the quiz, the at-home audience was right in the action–they answered questions about the wines they were tasting and clicked their best guesses to wine-related quiz questions right alongside each other.

This way the quiz was not only an event but also converted to new sales, and improved the tasting profiles of the customers to better target them with offers in the future.

90 min

per session




boosted brand value & loyalty

Take a look at the case video.


Cooking with Michelin Chefs

Masterclass cooking with Michelin Star Chefs is an interactive live cooking experience where you create amazing, star worthy recipes from your favourite chef.

Cook 3 course dinners alongside famous chefs from your own kitchen in one-to-many masterclass and learn from decades of pro-experience about favorite ingredients, cooking techniques, personal hacks, tips and tricks. And it doesn’t stop here: learn about produce, hardware special techniques and ingredients through quiz questions and ask the chef anything via the live Q&A and chat.

Participation is simple: a) schedule the event in your agenda b) invite your friends to share the experience with c) order the box of chef selected produce, ingredients and optional wine e) let the pre-fun begin.

Masterclass cooking with Michelin Star Chefs is an inspiring, unburdening, educational and fun what-shall-we-eat-cook-along show for at-home ‘Michelin’ chefs. 

2,5 hour

per session



6 session

with different Michelin chefs

An idea to consider

The Beer Games

The National Beer Games, a live beer tasting battle event between in-studio teams, pitted against each other to win with the at-home audience right in the action answering the same questions and tasting the same beers.

Before the big event, the at-home audience is able to order their own beer tasting box that arrives with six (blinded) beers. While the in-studio teams navigate the quiz, the at-home audience is right in the action–they answer questions about the beers they are tasting and click their best guesses to beer-related quiz questions right alongside each other.

Gamification interactions are used for the quiz and trivia questions and the leaderboard creates some extra excitement. Additionally, the commerce interactions allow participants to order additional beer during and after the show. This way the quiz is not only an event but also converts to new sales, and improves the tasting profiles of the customers to better target in the future.

90 min

per session




boosted brand value & loyalty

Engagement is easy with our powerful interactions

With the simplicity of the Livery platform and our full library of interactive features, it is easy to set up your online tasting experience. You can move seamlessly between live tastings and quiz questions to test participants knowledge, or offer polls to let them rank their favorite products. Let them taste and learn, play along, compete for high scores, shop, win prizes, and more.

Product rating




Link to products

And much more...

This is just a selection of our available interactions.

High quality live video

Our in-stream interactive elements work best paired with our ultra-low latency video, which is why it comes standard on all Livery livestreams.

The video and sound quality are equally crucial for your live shopping show. Our ultra-low latency livestream supports iOS, Android & web apps, syncs over all devices, scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, and comes at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming.

It’s a no-brainer. 

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