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Live sports & e-sports

Don't just watch the game: get into it

Let fans take their love of live sports to the next level with interactive livestreaming. Create hype, build community, host quizzes, switch cameras, and more.


Amplify the at-home fan experience with Livery's plug-and-play interactivity suite

live sports & e-sports

Next-level sports in 3 steps

Say goodbye to distracted viewers & hello to superfans.

Step 1 - Get them watching

You're in control: ultra-low latency livestreaming that lets you match (or beat) the TV broadcast experience

W a t c h

Step 2 - Pull them into the game

Let them participate in the action with real-time quizzes, predictions, chat,
and more.


Step 3 - Capitalize & analyze

Sell tickets and merch, grow your fan base and analyze data collected throughout the stream

a n a l y z e

- The Livery Live Method -

“Active & engaged viewers become superfans quicker and more often”

“Gamification will help in creating brand loyalty and commitment of fans now and in the future.” – JK Mons, Sport Tomorrow.

Immerse your audience in memorable brand experiences and boost your sport worldwide. Transform viewers into your team or channel’s superfans with ease.

Livery Live method

Script & respond: how to make sports more engaging and exciting than ever before

Convert your lesson into a virtual storyline that’s sure to capture their attention. You can use live feedback and results from students as a base for discussion (via polls, Q&A, or chat) or create a full-on trivia game show that teaches through play.


FIFA eSports

The official FIFAe (FIFA’s eSports company) used Livery to make its live sports streams more fun and interactive.

Livery added an interactive competition extension to its viewers, which transformed passive fans into active participants. This personalized interactive layer lets users play trivia, answer polls, and predict the outcome of games.

Available before, during and just after the match, the leaderboard updated in real time, giving winners a chance at in-game drops. Participants could also look up automated, real-time match, player and competitions stats.


official live streams




and engage viewers

Case study

Live sports betting for fans

Jai alai is a sport built for speed. Using a handheld wicker tool called a cesta, players bounce a ball around a walled-in space, quickly accelerating it to high speeds. It is a variation of Basque pelota. In this sport, anything can happen. So… do you think you could predict the outcome?

Livery lets fans answer that question with live betting and gamification. By keeping the game and interactive mechanics in-sync on all devices around the world, betting and game integrity through Livery is better than the rest. As excitement builds, fans play along, earn points, and place more and more bets, generating new income for clubs and federations in this fast-paced and still niche sport. 


live stream


predict the outcome


sport in the world

Cool idea

Formula 1

F1TV is an incredible example of the potential for sports, low latency, and interactivity. The F1TV network lets you watch an F1 race from home with a richness that rivals even the most captivating in-person experience.  

Thanks to F1TV’s interactive features, you’re able to switch cameras or watch multiple cameras at the same time. An interactive layer on top of the video stream allows you to pull up statistics and other data about the general race and specific racers on the racetrack. The use of multiple audio tracks (languages) makes the experience accessible for a large and diverse international audience.

From idea to execution


High quality live video

All Livery interactive streams are powered by our ultra-low latency high-quality video, ensuring your sporting event looks professional and polished. Our streaming software supports iOS, Android & web apps, syncs over all devices, scales up to hundreds of thousands, and comes at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming.

Powerful interactions


Let your audience play along in real-time with the multiple-choice questions or trivia widget (2 to 4 options).


Let the audience predict an outcome. Will there be a goal in the next minute? Will he make it into the next round? Have them guess and find out!


Boost excitement through estimation. The closer the guess, the better. Guesses are scored and contribute to the leaderboard ranking.


Create friendly competition through the leaderboard widget. Compete for the top spot with points earned during and after the game.

And more...

This is just a selection of our interactions…

Valuable user data

Plan and host livestream events that are 100% yours. Interactive live streams generate a ton of data, which we believe belongs to you (unlike competing social platforms).

  • Analyze trivia data to enrich user profiles.
  • Customize post-event promotions based on participant answers.
  • Check attendance data to optimize your next stream.
  • And so much more.

Integrate Google Analytics or connect with our interaction data API to make your analytics capabilities even stronger.

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