Teach better and more interactive

Live e-learning

Enrich your course with interactive livestream sessions that reconstruct the boundaries of blended learning. 

  • Bring your course to life with valuable and engaging learning tools
  • Educate, monitor, and test progress with ease
  • Teach groups of any size (from 10 to 100,000+)
  • Make learning more fun with interactivity, gamification, and entertainment 
  • Monitor progress in real-time on individual, group, and program levels
  • No travel time required

Livery Live e-learning

Make learning more fun, engaging and effective

Increase student satisfaction and outcomes with interactivity. Engage, monitor progress, and test learning in a fun and engaging way with just 3 simple steps. 

Step 1 - Teach & captivate

Start with a qualitative and visually attractive learning session

T e a c h

Step 2 - Activate & engage

Use interactivity to collect opinions and power discussions. Test progress as you go


Step 3 - Data for learning

Get instant results & advanced analytics at individual, group and class levels

a n a l y z e

- The Livery Live Method -

 “Interaction & gamification help people learn better with less effort”

Research shows that 65 percent of students prefer in-person instruction [source]. But in-person learning comes with a lot of student limitations, like proximity to the learning facility and classroom size.

Additional studies found gamification increases the ability to learn new skills by 40% [source], meaning you can get just as good, if not better, learning outcomes from gamified online courses.

Livery makes it easy: take advantage of our unique and rich range of interactions designed to gamify and activate students throughout your live session. Trigger strategic interactive moments that engage students while collecting the data you need to monitor progress on individual and classroom levels. 

Livery Live method

Script, storytelling & timeline:
how to get people learn better, faster

Easily convert your existing lessons into scripts & storytelling timelines sure to engage the group. Gamify the program (if suitable for the situation and group) and you’ll receive live feedback from your students as a base for discussion via polls, trivia, Q&A, or chat. 

After each trivia question, take a moment to explain the correct answer and help struggling students to get it right next time. During the session, our system turns responses into data in real time. You can analyze this learning data on a personal or group level to inform your next session. 

The Livery Live Method

Learn more about the Livery Live Method and
‘how to build a timeline that works’ in our blueprint.

versatile benefits

It's more than learning

With Livery, the learning benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are additional business goals a live e-learning session can support.

  • Make your course fun and memorable
  • Improve information retention
  • Collect high-quality learning data
  • Restructure the boundaries of blended live learning
  • Build advanced insights into learning progression
  • Gamify the learning experience
  • Get better student outcomes
  • Cut out travel time
  • Learn with less effort


Make your own course

Check out some examples to inspire your own course design with Livery

From idea to execution

e-learning blueprint

Let’s walk through the simple steps and building blocks you’ll need to succeed.


Define a clear approach for your live e-learning course. 
In our blueprint, we focus on four strategies:

Strategy 1: Increase 'check-in' moments

Use ‘check-in moments’ to monitor progress & improve your course. For any online learning program without in-person sessions, it is important to check-in, connect, and engage on both individual and group levels. 

Strategy 2: ‘Gamification’

Use gamification to make learning stick: test knowledge, create competition, discuss results, share rankings and reward progress. 

Strategy 3: ‘Serious learning’

Convert large group lectures and massive auditorium sessions into two-way live interactive online sessions. Benefit from instant feedback from the group to power narration and anchor focus. 

Strategy 4: ‘Compliance’

In certification and compliance-based programs, these periodic group check-ins are used to measure attendance and results. 

You can find more information (including tech specs, content suggestions, and production recommendations) about each event strategy in the blueprint.


Learn more about the building blocks for qualitative live shopping:

1. Timeline

What is a timeline and how do I create one?
Check out our blueprint for a working example.

2. Interaction roles

Roles in the teaching process

3. Stream & engage

What are the out-of-the-box interactions I can use within my course sessions?
An overview of all interactions 

4. Video production

What does a studio setup look like, and how much do I need to invest to start?
Check out four studio setup examples


Livery live e-learning case studies.

Use case 1:
Voluntary training sessions in a consultancy company

A global acting consultancy firm tested the power of interactive e-learning for themselves. They chose Livery to bring their corporate training and communications to life for thousands of their employees around the globe in hopes of increased participation. How did it go?

Use case 2:
SkyArx - Live education for doctors by pharmaceutical companies

A US consultancy firm gave digital engagement a try, using video delivery and immersive content creation for the healthcare and life sciences industry. See how it went in our blueprint:

Use case 3:
Agfa - Service technician training

AGFA, a major developer, producer and distributor of both digital and analog imaging systems, uses Livery Video and Interactive to train their service technicians around the globe. 

Cost calculator

We know every production is different, which is why we include a custom business cost calculator. You can play with the numbers to fit your situation and goals so you can get a realistic feel for what your setup/one-time costs will look like:

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