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Live e-Learning and courses

Take your course to the next level

Immediately improve your student outcomes by integrating live & interactive learning sessions.

Your end-to-end interactive Live e-Learning and courses solution

Gamify the learning experience with live quizzes and results.

Live e-learning

Better learning in 3 steps

Teach, activate, engage & analyze with blended live sessions. 

Step 1 - Teach

Captivate your students with an engaging and visually appealing learning session

T e a c h

Ultra-low latency and sync

From reality to the screen within 3 seconds, synced accross all devices.


Step 3 - Analyze & improve

Get instant results and advanced analytics at individual, group and class levels

a n a l y z e

- The Livery Live Method -

“Live streaming for professionals is now easy and affordable”

Research shows that gamification increases the ability to learn new skills by 40% [source].  With Livery, you get access to a unique and proven range of interactions to gamify the learning process and engage your students (or teams) in the most effective learning experience possible.

Livery Live method

Script, storytelling & timeline:
how to get people learn better, faster

Convert your lesson into a virtual storyline that’s sure to capture their attention. You can use live feedback and results from students as a base for discussion (via polls, Q&A, or chat) or create a full-on trivia game show that teaches through play.

After each question, you can take a moment to explain correct answers, or answer questions. Once the session ends, you can analyze all data from the interactive elements on a personal or group level to prepare for the next lesson. 

Check out our ‘Livery Live Method’ – a full blueprint about how to build a timeline that works (and so much more).


Weekly live team training​

A global acting consultancy firm decided to test the power of interactive online communication for themselves. They chose Livery to bring their corporate training and meetings to life for thousands of their employees around the globe in hopes of  increased participation.

To meet that goal, they created monthly all-hands meetings that offered polls, ratings, trivia questions and a Q&A session. Each session focussed on strategically important topics, giving an overview of last month’s numbers and employees reviewed the content together as a team.

These interactive live online sessions showed the following results: 


more engagement compared to traditional learning initiatives




engaged in multiple e-learning sessions a month



Livery helped IWI to facilitate the solution for an in-company streaming event for Lancôme. Lasting multiple days, the event offered multiple concurrent streams. These streams are a key component of Lancôme to inform, educate and showcase the latest to all employees around the world. 

Customer quote: “I wanted to thank you for the services provided by Livery during the past few weeks, we’ve had flawless streaming throughout the events and we are very happy with the service.” Félicien Scott de Martinville – CEO.

90 min

cost-efficient education


partners & resellers


and fun session

From idea to execution


Our essential guide for anyone at the beginning of their live online course journey. Download our free blueprint and learn:

  • Event strategies that fit your vision and goals
  • Story timeline tips for building an engaging lesson
  • Studio setup examples
  • Use cases and examples to learn from
  • Complete cost calculator: customizable to help you budget your exact setup

Powerful interactions

With the simplicity of the Livery platform and our full library of interactive features, it has never been easier to set up your live e-learning and courses


Gather and weigh opinions through the poll widget (up to 4 potential answers). The presenter will receive the results in real-time.


Capture attention with a custom pop-up announcement or update.


Get everyone talking about your event through the live chat widget.


Get real-time feedback through the ratings widget. The presenter will receive the results in real time.


Create friendly competition through the leaderboard widget. Compete for the top spot with points earned during and after the game.

And more...

This is just a selection of our interactions…

Let's talk partnership

While Livery is an exceptional end-to-end solution for direct end-users, we are also an excellent white-label partner. Through our API, you can integrate our technology directly within your own platform.

Create a competitive advantage and broaden the possibilities for your customers with Livery’s interactive live stream sessions. Increase the number of real-time touchpoints offered by a blended learning course. You’ll enjoy a super engaged audience with incredibly effective results.

High quality live video

For all in-stream interactive elements, we offer ultra-low latency live video. This means that your course’s video and audio quality will be unmatched, no matter how many people tune in. The ultra-low latency livestream supports iOS, Android & web apps, syncs over all devices, scales up to hundreds of thousands, and come at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming.

Versatile benefits

It's more than learning

Beyond the obvious, there are additional business goals a live e-learning strategy can support.

  • Make educational communication fun
  • Improve information retention
  • Collect high-quality learning data to improve your course over time
  • Stretch the boundaries of blended live learning
  • Customize your offerings through learning progression data
  • Gamify the learning progress
  • Retain students who are excited to come back for the next course
  • Eliminate travel time
  • Learn more with less effort

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