ultra-low latency

Interactive professional live video

Upgrade your professional live video content with our easy-to-use interactive widgets.

Ultra-low lantency video

Less than 3 seconds of delay from your live feed to your audience at home


Every viewer sees the same video frame at the same time – guaranteed.

end to end
& easy to use

Easy drag-and-drop technology – no installation or coding required


Stream with added attention-grabbing and conversion-optimized widgets from just €95/month.

ready to reach

Reach audiences around the world with super-scalable
live video.

why livery video

Live streaming for professionals

Have you ever heard your neighbor celebrating a goal before it has even shown up on your screen? That’s an example of a live stream out of sync. A few seconds is all it takes to ruin the viewer’s experience. Ultra-low latency and synchronization bring your live stream to the next level.

Our goal is to make professional live streaming accessible to every business. We believe that professional-quality low-latency video should not carry a cost penalty, require sacrifices in scalability, or degrade the picture quality.

If you want reliable and engaging live video on any platform (iOS, Android & Web apps), you are in the right place.

Ultra-low latency Case study

Livestreamed music event

During the pandemic, Thuisgaan organized a major live music event powered by Livery for people stuck at home. Twelve DJs played back-to-back for 30 minutes each to create a 6-hour ultra-low latency live streaming event.

The high audiovisual quality and adaptive bitrate offered by Livery’s streaming platform made it possible to deliver an incredible live music experience directly into the living rooms of each music and live show lover.

“Setup was flawless – after plugging in the encoders, Livery tested and ensured the encoding process. Excellent online support gave the on-location crew peace of mind.”

Cristian Kiesling, Founder of Thuisgaan.


hours streaming


audio and video quality


seconds latency

Ready for interactive professional live video?

We’ve created a platform that lets you plan and host ultra-low latency livestream video events that are completely yours. Customize branding, add your favorite widgets, and keep 100% of your audience and customer data.