Interactive live streaming

Next generation live streaming

Why create for your audience when you can create with them?

Let your audience play an active role in your content with interactivity infused live video.

  • Captivate, entertain, and educate your audience
  • Boost your sales with our e-commerce features
  • Reach millions with unmatched scalability
  • A top-of-the-line solution at an affordable price
  • Enjoy worry-free low latency
  • End-to-end solution: one interactive live streaming package that’s easy to use

Interactive live streaming solution

Livestreaming for professionals

Ultra-low latency

Less than 3 seconds from your in-studio camera to your viewers at home.

ready to reach millions

Global scalability powered by the world’s largest CDN.

synchronized video

Every viewer sees the same thing at the exact same time.

highest quality

Stream premium quality audio and video up to 4k.

Shopping, polls, chats and quizzes

Powerful interactions, straight from the box. Place them on the timeline of the web-based management system and you are good to go.








Estimation poll

Say goodbye to broadcasting, and hello to two-way communication. Give the audience a voice in your live event.



Social share

Turn your live event into a money-making machine. Seamless e-commerce interactions, integrated into your live stream to boost your sales throughout the event.




Product rating

Clickable announcement

Take gamification beyond the basic quiz question. Create a fun and memorable live stream with the gamification interactions pack.



Quiz game


Case study

Horecava B2B tasting event

In 2021, Horecava, the largest Food & Beverage trade show in the Netherlands, launched Horecava Tastings – an interactive live streaming event. An online B2B invite-only tasting event. To participate, viewers ordered a tasting box in advance of the show that was delivered to their homes (they completely sold out in just one day!)

During the livestreamed event, a product expert guided participants through the product tasting. Viewers then answered questions, rated the products, and participated in a trivia quiz with prizes.

Thanks to the feedback Horecava received, they were able to isolate the most promising opportunities for their partnered supplier companies. Both Horecava and the companies that had contributed to the tasting boxes walked away with an exciting, engaging, profitable, and rich data-gathering opportunity.


tasting boxes sold


participation rate


more engaging than regular livestreams

Case study

Hepsiburada live shopping

Hepsiburada, a Turkish e-commerce market leader, started an online live shopping channel with Livery. On this channel, they review and promote products in sectors like technology, cosmetics, toys, and more to thousands of engaged viewers.

Viewers have the option to either sit back and enjoy the show, or buy promoted products directly within the video stream. This created a 23% average purchase conversion rate among their 25,000 participants – nearly 10X the results of traditional e-commerce alone.

And that’s not all. After each show has ended, Hepsiburada has ownership over 100% of the generated data, giving them an opportunity to learn and adapt to their shoppers over time.


purchase conversion rate during the show


participants on average


brand value and loyalty


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