Telling your stories, live and interactive

Are you a media and publishing organization seeking to strengthen and monetize the relationship you have with your viewers and readers? It’s time to get creative, and interactive livestreaming is the perfect addition to your content strategy toolkit. Let us show you why.

Create unforgettable experiences

Media companies & live interactive video events: a perfect match for growth

Adding live interactive video productions to the mix as a publisher provides great chances for improving and growing your business. Cost and complexity have decreased significant lately and commercial opportunities look better than ever.

So stop waiting, start with big, profitable, entertaining, engaging, converting and data gathering interactive live events today!

Livery will help you…

Maximize your revenue with in-stream monetization options

Let viewers shop merchandise, promote advertisers, access exclusive subscriber-only content, or buy tickets to events without disrupting the viewer experience.

Break through the sea of free content

You’re competing with a sea of free content, so it’s time to get creative if you want to stand out. Interactivity offers entirely new ways to engage, entertain, and monetize.

Attract new viewers and hold their attention

Active viewers are the future of live content. Create live shows that hold attention unlike anything else, with dozens of interaction options.

Offer an unforgettable experience with 100% ownership rights

You own your audience and data (as it should be).

Scale to audiences of any size with ease

Seamlessly scale from 100 participants to a million, the stream will hold strong.

Reach viewers locally, nationwide, or across the globe

Wherever your viewers are, Livery can reach them with ease and consistent quality.


What can you do with Livery?

While your creativity is truly the only limit to the possibilities, let’s paint the picture with an example of what your publishing company can do with Livery.

Inspiration for a magazine event

Imagine hosting a weekly show for a fashion magazine. People are invited via the magazine and all socials to join the event and learn all about the latest fashion around the world, presented by a young fashion instagrammer with a big reach.

Interactions: you could start by asking two poll questions to find out who has joined the stream are subscribers or not and who is working in fashion and who is not.
During the broadcast, footage of fashionshows is shown, play a quiz: guess the designer or ask via a rating the opinion of the viewers about outfits and styles. As the stream continues, the audience can pop in their burning Q&A questions that the host can use to guide the conversation or address concerns directly. Use a poll to figure out what your audience is interested in, like field research: would you be interested in reading/hearing all about fashion photography?

Live shopping: during the stream, favorite items of the host (the instagrammer) can be bought directly in the stream. Together with the advertisers in the magazine you can offer discounts or exclusive products that the audience can shop without disrupting the entertainment. Fun fact: live shopping can boasts a conversion rate of up to 30%.

At the end an announcement is made: Next week is a special event with Fashion photographer Lara Jade. This is only for subscribers… but we have a discount to become a subscriber today, use the code ‘Fashion2023’.

Once the stream has ended, imagine taking the video and turning it into an entire suite of content to use across all of your (and/or your sponsor/advertiser’s) social platforms.

Data: with every click the viewers do during the live event, you enhance their profile. With these individualized insights you collect to re-target your readers with these products at a later date to keep the advertisers and sponsors coming back for more.


  • Use Livery for multiple magazine titles
  • Host a jubileum event of a magazine or newspaper
  • Make celebrities of you own columnists by letting them host shows
  • Team up with advertisers to do a show on a specific brand.
  • Boost your own sales through live shopping, to be less dependent on advertisers.



During a pandemic lockdown, Thuisgaan organized a major live music event powered by Livery for people stuck at home. 12 DJs played back-to-back for 30 minutes each to create a 6-hour ultra-low latency live streaming event.

The high audio quality and bitrate of Livery’s streaming platform made it possible to deliver an incredible live music experience to the living rooms of all music and live show lovers. 



6 hours

live streaming

ultra high

audio & video quality


Dutch Dance Quiz

In cooperation with the creative agency, First Day of Spring, we streamed 3 episodes of the Dutch Dance Quiz–a video event that took viewers on a trip down memory lane through the rich 30 years of Dutch dance music. Viewers could tune into the quiz at either or TV 538. 

During each episode, Martin Garrix, Joris Voorn, Chuckie, and Erick E popped questions to the viewers. A panel that included dance industry legends like Dano, The Darkraver, Roog, and Michel de Hey played on-set from the green room. As viewers tuned in to watch, they also got to test their dance knowledge by playing along from home in real time via an interactive 2nd screen (such as their mobile phone or tablet). Each participant got a chance to win exclusive Dutch Dance prizes.


name DJ’s




prizes to be won

You're in good company

Enrich your live stream

Impressive out-of-the-box features

Highly engaged viewers are more likely to watch your live content all the way through, interact with a sponsor, make a purchase, and return for the next event. Livery includes a wealth of ways to engage your audience and energize your livestream to reach maximum revenue potential.

With our out-of-the-box interaction suite, you can craft a live show that will have sponsors and advertisers begging for screen time with no additional effort or upfront cost. Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Offer a QVC-style shopping experience for advertisers and local vendors.
  • Sell tickets, merchandise, or anything else you can think of.
  • Enable/disable comments as you see fit.
  • Add context through pictures and text overlays.
  • Host live interactive lessons with local chefs, politicians, or retailers.
  • Allow experts to answer Q&As.
  • Create an interactive live trivia show.

And so much more.

Great quality, low latency & scalability

The best video solution

We believe that interactive livestreaming shouldn’t be complicated or expensive, therefore we build our easy-to-use and end-to-end streaming solution.

Using Livery, the video and sound quality are better than Zoom and Teams and that’s crucial for your interactive live event. Our ultra-low latency livestream supports iOS, Android & web apps, syncs over all devices, scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, and comes at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming. 

Data ownership

Your data is yours to keep

When you use a free or social-based streaming service, the data you collect is theirs to keep, use, and sell at their discretion. They can also cut your access to your audience at their discretion. We built Livery on the principle that you should own the audience and data you collect, not a third-party tech company.

Whether you are interested in a high-level overview, or if you want to take a deep analysis of your viewers, Livery gives you the tools to do anything and everything with the data you’ve collected.

jump right in

Frictionless login

Frictionless login makes it easy for viewers to join your stream – anyone already logged into your website can jump right in with a single click. This reduces the barriers to entry, ensuring easy participation for your viewers.

On your end, frictionless login makes data collection simple. The data gathered in a livestream is valuable – each click offers you insight into your customer. If your viewer joins your stream while signed into their profile, Livery automatically collects that data and stores it within each viewer’s profile for you to use as you wish.

an Inspiring catalogue


Download the interactive live formats ‘concepts & cases catalogue’. Full of cases and inspiration on how interactive live streaming can benefit your business.

  • Overview of business goals live streaming can serve.
  • A list of ideas, concepts and cases you can use for your business.

Are you ready to add a powerhouse to your content toolkit?