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How does Livery compare to Amazon IVS?

If you’re ready to turn your livestreams into an engaging experience that converts, you’ve probably considered Amazon IVS and Livery. But which platform is the better choice to make it happen?

Here are the major differences between Livery and Amazon IVS for interactive live video:

Latency & Sync

Lower your video latency with Livery

Latency & Sync

Lower your video latency with Livery


Standardised interactions vs. in-house development


What’s the experience like as a video host?

If you’ve hosted a live video before, you know how important it is to keep an eye on viewer comments and feedback. You need insights to “read the room” and keep the livestream flowing – and you need them now, not later.

With Livery, you get real-time feedback in the management system or teleprompter (if you have one). Keeping an eye on chat, votes, polls and Q&A in real-time is crucial for succesful live video.
Which the default Amazon IVS setup, feedback into the studio (portal or teleprompter) is impossible. This is because the interaction triggers are included in the metadata of the video, so no server is used for the interactions.



Designed for efficiency: get more for less


Livery lets your audience see the livestream closer to realtime

Overall comparison

You're in good company

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