How does Livery compare to WebRTC streaming solutions?

If you’re ready to turn your livestreams into an engaging experience that converts, you’ve probably considered WebRTC and Livery. But which solution is the better choice to make it happen?

Here are the major differences between Livery and WebRTC for interactive live video:


WebRTC is 4 to 8 times more expensive than Livery

Ready to reach millions

Scalability is no problem with Livery

less than 3 seconds

WebRTC’s sub-second latency comes at a cost

WebRTC is a great technology if you require sub-second latency (think video conferencing, betting or purposes like remote surgery). However, in about 90% of all cases this is not really necessary and a latency of around three seconds is sufficient for a good user experience, especially in combination with syncing. If this also applies to your situation and you take into account the difference in costs, you might consider using Livery instead.


Livery is more flexible in supporting features

Low Latency & synchronization

Livery enables you to add interactivity to your livestream (with no hassle!)

If you would like to add interactive overlays on top of your live streams, Livery saves you a lot of time, energy and costs. There are multiple options for adding interactivity to WebRTC streams, however, you are depending on additional integrations developed by third parties. With Livery, you will get ultra-low latency video and interactivity all combined into one platform.

We offer ready-made building blocks which enable you to add interactions to your stream. Think about chat, gamification, e-commerce functionalities, Q&A (incl moderation / filter option), ratings, predictions, etc. Livery enables you to control the interactions in a frictionless way.

new revenue streams

Add monetization models to your streams


Higher quality, lower costs and increased battery efficiency

Compared to WebRTC, Livery offers significantly higher video quality and is using less data for that (i.e. lower costs for you). Viewers will also benefit from the fact that Livery is able to use the full hardware acceleration capabilities of the device. This implies a reduction of the load on the CPU which is increasing the battery efficiency. So no more overheated mobile devices!

No limitations

Experience uninterrupted streaming even through corporate proxies

You're in good company

Start interactive live streaming