How does Livery compare to Zoom Webinar?

If you’re ready to turn your livestreams into an engaging experience that converts, you’ve probably considered Zoom and Livery. But which platform is the better choice to make it happen?

Here are the major differences between Livery and Zoom Webinar for interactive live video:


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Zoom Webinar is more expensive than Livery​


With Livery, scalability is no problem at all

While Zoom Webinar can accommodate up to 10,000 viewers, it’s primarily designed for one-to-one communication, not one-to-many. Consequently, as audience sizes increase, their pricing model doesn’t simply double—it grows exponentially.

Livery, on the other hand, thrives with large crowds. Leveraging existing CDN infrastructure, we seamlessly scale up for big audiences across multiple regions without breaking the bank. In fact, as your audience grows, our price per user drop. Whether it’s 1,000 or 1 million viewers, Livery has you covered for seamless scalability.


Livery's audio and video quality are superior to Zoom Webinar


User flow, interface and experience

A big disadvantage of Zoom Webinar is the user flow: viewers would first need to access Zoom, and you will not be able to integrate the video within your own environment.

With Livery’s end-to-end solution you can easily integrate live video in any website or app, making it a seamless user experience.

Next, Zoom’s user interface is fairly rigid and not very much tailored to third party localisation. With Livery, you will be able to adjust the interface

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