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Claim your free live shopping trial package

Convert a passive audience into profit by offering a live shopping show. Live shopping works, and this is your chance to give it a try for yourself.

Show off your products QVC-style, or quiz, chat, and entertain them with exclusive live content. As they play along, they can browse and shop without leaving the stream. Livery is easily integrated with your eCommerce store to make the shopping experience feel seamless.

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What's in the free starter package?

Create your first live shopping show for free with our DMEXCO-exclusive starter package. This offer gives you everything you need to host your first live shopping show from start to finish completely free with no obligation.

The free trial includes:
One free live video stream:
  • Low latency to ensure the end-viewer sees everything in real time.
  • Up to 10.000 user hours for your first event (meaning up to ten thousand concurrent viewers for a one-hour show, or another variation, such as five thousand concurrent viewers for a two-hour show).
  • Ultra video quality (1080p – 50 fps – 5.0 mbps)
  • Advanced video analytics such as user location, viewership duration, and streaming device.

15+ free interaction and customization tools:
  • The core interaction pack lets you create polls, make announcements, and offer trivia to your audience.
  • The eCommerce interaction pack lets attendees rate products, shop, add to cart, and customize selections (like color or size variations) directly from the stream.
  • Our communication interaction pack lets you host a Q&A or gives viewers a chance to chat.
  • The gamification interaction pack turns up the competitive energy with leaderboards that rank participants based on their scores. Add in a few predictions and estimations for even more fun.
  • Branding possibilities let you customize the stream to fit your brand aesthetic.

And a free quickstart to help you put your shopping event together:
  • Live personalized demo of the live shopping possibilities.
  • Our quickstart blueprint with essential tips, recommended interactions, studio setup, inspirational cases, and a business calculator.

Optional support

Do you want or need some additional support for your first live shopping event? Add our Starter Support Package for just €1999, which includes 16 hours of consultancy. 

Whether you need help setting up the event, want us to review the script, need hands-on help with interactions, or want any other advice, we’re here to help.

What does it cost after the trial?

If you loved your Livery experience, let’s make it official. You can get set up and start streaming from just €450 per month.

Check our price calculator to customize your setup and pricing.