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Basic Video Quality Premium Video Quality Ultra Video Quality


- API access to the analytics database

- Unthrottled data collection

- 3 months of historical data access

- Synchronize video playback across all players and users

Choose your interactions

- Poll

- Vote

- Real-time reactions

- Trivia

- Chat

- Q&A

- Add to basket

- Bookmark items

- Featured product

- Outcome predictions

- Leaderboards

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volume reduction + only pay for what you use*

only pay for what you use

Pricing explained

Only pay for what you use

No upfront investment: Livery only charges for usage


Livery is an end-to-end solution and our pricing includes all that you need to make your low latency, interactive live streams a reality: cloud encoding, web-based management tools, CDN distribution and players for iOS, Android and web. 

Only pay for the features you use

The fee per user hour is based on the configuration and features you select. For example, no need to pay for interactivity if you only use Livery for video.

Transparent invoices

User hours are registered by the minute. Your monthly invoice is based on the total number of end user hours registered, multiplied with the applicable user hour fee. If your monthly total is less, a minimum of €450 applies.

Flexible contract

Livery supports you as your needs change. And if you no longer need us, you can cancel with 1 month notice.

Volume pricing

For monthly invoices over €1.000, volume reduction on user hours of up to 30% apply.

Video settings

Video quality

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Basic video qualityPremium video qualityUltra video quality
Screen resolution720p1080p1080p
Frame rate25 frames per second25 frames per second25 or 50 frames per second
Bitrate1.0 mbps3.0 mbps5.0 mbps
Adaptive ratenoneyes (2 bitrates)yes (3 bitrates)
Short discriptionSmall screen to medium size devices with "simple" type of content.Medium to large size devices with a "Medium" content complexity.Medium to large size devices with a "High" content complexity.
The background scenes contain many flat regions no scene changes, and only a small amount of motion between frames.It contains a Medium number of scene changes, low amount of background changes, without any noise and a minimal amount of motion between frames.The content is "complex". With a high amount of spatial texture. It contains a high number of scene changes, explosions, and fast-moving objects.
For example: The weather forecast, (HQ) Trivia show, Talking head.For example: Talkshows, Cartoons.For example: (e)Sports, Action movies, Music Events.



Powerful interactions, straight from the box. Place them on the timeline of the web-based management system and you are good to go.


Build excitement by counting down the time remaining before the broadcast.


Capture attention with a custom pop-up announcement or update.


Get real-time feedback through the ratings widget. The presenter will receive the results in real time.


Gather and weigh opinions through the poll widget (up to 4 potential answers). The presenter will receive the results in real-time.


Let your audience play along in real-time with the multiple-choice questions or trivia widget (2 to 4 options).


Make live decisions with your viewers through the voting widget (up to 4 choices).


Let your audience react throughout the broadcast with live reaction emojis. Once clicked, the emojis will float over the video stream.

Estimation poll

A poll where viewers let their preferred value know from a range you specify

Say goodbye to broadcasting, and hello to two-way communication. Give the audience a voice in your live event.


Get everyone talking about your event through the live chat widget.


Let your viewers ask or search through questions and get answers quickly. The operator can manage the Q&A from the CMS.

Social share

Users have the options to share a link to the live interactive broadcast. Invite friends and have more fun together.

Turn your live event into a money-making machine. Seamless e-commerce interactions, integrated into your live stream to boost your sales throughout the event.


Show off the products you’re describing in real-time, or let customers flip through and discover their favorites for themselves.


Have multiple variations? No problem. Let your viewers choose different sizes, colors, or something custom about a product or service.


Boost your sales by letting customers add products to their basket within the livestream. Seamless & integrated live shopping without leaving the window.

Product rating

Find out how your viewers feel about a product through real-time product ranking. User preference data is available after the broadcast.

Clickable announcement

Drive traffic to your website (or wherever you’d like) through clickable announcements. Customize with a title, subtitle, image and button.

Take gamification beyond the basic quiz question. Create a fun and memorable live stream with the gamification interactions pack.


Let the audience predict an outcome. Will there be a goal in the next minute? Will he make it into the next round? Have them guess and find out!


Boost excitement through estimation. The closer the guess, the better. Guesses are scored and contribute to the leaderboard ranking.

Quiz game

Speed and accuracy matter in this quiz widget. Offer multiple-choice questions and let your audience battle for the highest score on the leaderboard.


Create friendly competition through the leaderboard widget. Compete for the top spot with points earned during and after the game.


Live streaming services

LiveryYoutubeTwitchVimeoAmazon IVSWowzaRed5ProNanocosmos
Sub-second (~1s)
Ultra low latency(2-5s)
Secure sync
Interactive layer
Interactive Engine / video cloud
Data and analytics
End-to-end, integrated solution
Flexible CDN
iOS Safari support
Global availability
Price$fair usefair use$$$$$$$$$$$$

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