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Next generation wine tasting experiences

Wine drinkers are everywhere.
Why limit yourself to the few that live nearby?

Create an immersive online wine tasting experience that allows your customers to play along while you tell them all about what they’re tasting at home. As they play, drink, and find their favorites, they can buy a bottle (or case!) without leaving the livestream. It’s an event they won’t forget. 

Online tastings offer:

  • A new way to showcase your products to customers no matter where they live.
  • Real product tastings that expand your winery’s footprint. 
  • No drinking and driving. The unmatched reach lets you connect with wine lovers without them stepping a foot in a plane, train, or car.
  • Valuable customer data that you can use later to sell more wine.
  • An interactive and fun way to engage with your brand that your fans won’t soon forget.
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Explore Live Online Tasting sessions

  • Customizable | A diverse set of customizable interactive widgets allow you to craft an engaging experience
  • Affordable pricing | Only pay for what you use
  • No buffering | Low latency & sync across all devices keeps everyone on the same page
  • Scalable | Whether you have 100 fans or a million around the world
  • End-to-end solution | From your camera to your customer’s device at home, we handle everything

Next level tasting experiences

How does it work?

Your wine deserves better. Go beyond your region with Livery.

We’ve helped wineries like yours craft memorable and engaging tasting experiences for thousands of new customers at the exact same time. 

How is that possible?

With Livery, you can do it too.

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule an online wine tasting.
  • Promote the event and pre-sell tickets.
  • Ship tasters to attendees.
  • Host the live tasting through Livery.

Powerful interactions

With the simplicity of the Livery platform and our full library of interactive features, it is easy to set up your online tasting experience. You can go directly from live tasting to quizzes to test the participants knowledge and understanding. Let them taste in a fun way, compete for high scores, win prizes, and more.

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And more...

This is just a selection of our interactions…


eLuscious - The National Wine Quiz

De Wijnbeurs, one of eLuscious’ leading e-commerce brands in the Benelux, organized the National Wine Quiz livestream in November of 2021 using Livery’s live streaming solution.

Before the big event, at-home participants were able to order their own wine tasting box that arrived with six (blinded) tubes. While the in-studio teams navigated the quiz, the at-home audience was right in the action–they answered questions about the wines they were tasting and clicked their best guesses to wine-related quiz questions right alongside each other.

This way the quiz was not only an event but also converted to new sales, and improved the tasting profiles of the customers to better target them with offers in the future.

Take a look at the case video.



90 min

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Are you ready for engaging online wine tastings?

We’ve created a platform that lets you plan and host livestream video events that are 100% yours. Customize branding, add your favorite widgets, and keep your audience and customer data where it belongs – with YOU, not the platform.