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HQ Trivia was a mobile game show app that gained popularity by allowing users to participate in live multiplayer trivia games for the chance to win prizes. It was successful in attracting a large daily audience through its app.

HQ Trivia was able to differentiate itself from other video content platforms by launching its own app, giving it full control over its creative, technical, and business aspects. It also demonstrated the potential of low latency live streaming to create interactive TV experiences, engaging users in real-time through personalized feedback and two-way communication.

Why HQ Trivia worked and why it failed

The app was able to bring people together across different age groups and social divides through its easy-to-understand gameplay and comedic, lighthearted tone. However, it struggled with technical issues such as glitches and video synchronization problems, as well as cheating by bots, which ultimately led to its demise.

Where the concept heads now

The CEO of Ex Machina, Livery’s parent company that has worked on various forms of interactive video, believes that HQ Trivia was a pioneering concept in the world of interactive video, but ultimately failed due to technological and management issues. However, he believes that the success and lessons learned from HQ Trivia’s short lifespan will pave the way for future interactive video experiences. This will not only revolutionize entertainment, but also education, e-commerce, and one-to-many communication on a larger scale.

He believes that the technology challenges that hindered the success of HQ Trivia have now been solved, making it possible to create a range of interactive video experiences that can be accessed on mobile devices. These experiences will go beyond trivia games and entertainment, and will include:

  • Re-invented and newly created game shows
  • Direct audience engagement for sports and eSports
  • In-app auditions and voting for talent and reality shows
  • Shoppable video and live e-commerce events
  • Gamified learning and communication within companies
  • Live homework guidance for education
  • And interactive events such as live-streamed wine tastings.

He predicts that within five years, interactive video experiences like these will be used daily by millions and will have surpassed the impact of HQ Trivia, even though it will be largely forgotten by then. However, he credits HQ Trivia as a pioneer of interactive video that laid the foundation for this future

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