Pandemic distance learning: how to engage students using gamified live video


Classroom learning has remained relatively undisrupted over the last several decades. Despite technological advancements outside of the classroom, we haven’t really found a great way to integrate them into the classroom. Instead, we have (mostly) maintained the status quo.

But it may be time to figure this out: there is no shortage of incentives. Teachers are harder to find and keep, classroom sizes continue to grow, and technology has gotten increasingly cheaper as it advances. Not to mention the raging pandemic that shut schools down worldwide (and the ever-looming threat of its return).

For a brief period early in the pandemic, teachers and students alike were eager to give distance learning a try. But as time went on, the excitement waned and the academic results were mixed. The tools we used weren’t adequate replacements for in-person learning.

But that’s because staring at a screen for 6 to 8 hours a day is hard for anyone – especially young children forced to sit still and mute their microphones lest they disturb their classmates.

The in-person classroom, in contrast, offers ways to interact with the subject, see it from various perspectives, and almost gamify it to keep it interesting. So what if it isn’t the online learning that is the problem, but the way in which we do it?

We have another idea. What if we could take the best of both worlds and introduce technology that is:

  1. Live and in real time
  2. Interactive
  3. Gamified
  4. And on video?

Now we can. Click here to read the full article.

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