Create more value with Livery

Get more out of your FAST channel

Infuse your FAST channel content with the power of interactivity. Convert anonymous viewers into registered participants and:

  • Gather valuable profile and user-behavior data
  • Build lasting relationships with your audience
  • Foster communities
  • Create loyal fans
  • And so much more

All while enhancing the user experience.

The power of interactivity

Collect valuable insights from previously anonymous viewers

Turn your FAST channel viewers into registered participants through a custom companion app, or an interactive livestream on your website.

Increase the urgency for registrations with interactive quizzes, prizes, channel specific games, gamified advertising and live shopping.

Each interactive touchpoint creates user-behavior data that enriches your registered viewer profiles, creating unique and compelling target group data to attract advertisers.

Livery’s transparent data offers several key advantages, including:

  • Full ownership: Host livestream events and retain full ownership of ALL generated data.
  • Enhanced user profiles: Analyze trivia answers and interactions for deeper audience insights and advertiser matching.
  • Personalized engagement: Tailor content and promotions based on viewer responses.
  • Advanced analytics: Integrate with Google Analytics or our interaction data API.

Creating value with Livery

Enrich FAST channel audience profile data

Gain real-time data and insights into your FAST channel audience’s preferences and viewing habits. Use this data to optimize content, fill in gaps in your customer (CRM) profiles, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Boost FAST audience registrations

Boost registrations by offering incentives like exclusive content, prizes, or promotions through your new interactive companion app.

Create a new revenue stream and improve key KPIs by offering lead generation and shoppable features directly on your platform, achieving conversion rates of up to 30%.

Strengthen your FAST communities

Foster engagement and community through live online and hybrid events using your FAST companion app. Build stronger connections with subscribers, boosting loyalty, reducing churn and increasing media consumption.

Connect content to advertisers

Use interactive live video to instantly connect viewers with relevant advertisers and sponsors, converting contacts into provable leads and customers for your partners.

Pre and post-event shows

Use your FAST companion app for interactive pre- and post-event shows, either hybrid or fully remote, enhancing the value of the broadcasts you’re already hosting with activities like talk shows, Q&A sessions, and product promotions.

From idea to execution


An essential guide for FAST channels interested in adding interactivity to their programs. The catalogue contains simple steps and building blocks to create your own companion app, including:

  • How to get your app started: tech specs for implementation
  • How to get viewers to take action: tips for crafting an irresistible commercial proposition
  • Branded content ideas: how to create with more value for sponsors and advertisers
  • Concepts & cases catalogues with case studies based on real customers
  • Business calculator: play around with your potential setup and see estimated costs & profits
  • And more

Unlock the future of FAST channels

Engagement made easy with our powerful interaction toolkit. Here's a sample:






High quality, low latency, HUGE AUDIENCES

Best video solution for large-scale projects

Livery’s scalability and audiovisual quality are better than competing low-latency solutions like WebRTC, Zoom and Teams. Our industry leading ultralow latency livestream supports iOS, Android & web apps, syncs over all devices, scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, and more – all at the same price as regular latency streaming.

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