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Easily show any content behind your live stream

Effortlessly display any content alongside your live stream with our Picture-in-Picture feature. Seamlessly integrate additional information, drive sales, highlight key points, or share related media without interrupting the flow. With Picture-in-Picture, users stay in control, while you enjoy versatile content integration with ease.

From an announcement, the user can trigger PiP

The content is shown, with the stream in PiP

Afterwards, the user returns to the stream


The stream goes on

Picture-in-picture works with any content, the stream continues on top. See the possibilities?


Picture-in-picture works on desktop and on mobile devices

Live Shopping:
Easily integrate any sales channel & your live stream

This seamless integration allows you to incorporate sales channels into your live streams, creating a dynamic and engaging shopping experience. Showcase products, highlight features, demonstrate use cases, and drive sales without interrupting the flow. With Picture-in-Picture, users remain in control, while you benefit from hassle-free live shopping integration.

Show the product in your live stream

The user visits your webshop, with the stream in PiP

After the sale, users can return to the stream

You're in good company