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Live shopping blueprint

Live shopping is revolutionizing e-commerce. With conversion rates of up to 30%, you can’t afford to ignore it. Our free live shopping blueprint shows you how to make the most of it.

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Live shopping

Turn viewers into customers in 3 simple steps​

Attract your target audience, captivate your viewers, and drive sales.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Entertain

get your viewer's attention with engaging & exciting content

i n v o l v e

Step 2 - Activate

incentivize action & build momentum with fun interactive elements throughout the event​

E n g a g e

Step 3 - Trigger

channel that momentum into sales through urgency, uniqueness, FOMO and a well-timed cue

s e l l

The Livery Live Method

Get the most versatile set of engagement tools on the market.

Your secret weapon for transforming your audience into highly motivated customers. With Livery, they’ll lean forward in their seat and have a blast engaging with your content.

“Active & engaged participants lean forward and become customers that buy more, more often”

Research shows that highly engaged consumers make 90% more frequent purchases and spend 60% more per transaction [source].

We offer the most advanced engagement tools on the market: everything you need to transform your audience into highly motivated customers with ease.

Livery Live method: Live shopping blueprint

Script, storytelling & timeline:
set the mood for shopping

Design a script & storytelling timeline to engage your audience.
Make interactivity irresistible by using opinion-based interactions and gamification.

Once everyone feels comfortable and the mood feels right, it is time to kick-in the commercial propositions with unique products and limited discounts. Get ready to watch the sales roll in!

Learn more about the Livery Live Method and
how to build a timeline that converts in our live shopping blueprint.


Versatile business goals

Our Livery Live Shopping Blueprint takes you from zero to profit. The blueprint contains simple steps and building blocks that will help you:

  • Build detailed customer profiles
  • Collect relevant data
  • Improve conversion & customer retention
  • Enrich your loyalty program
  • Attract new customers
  • Build an engaged community
  • Create brand recognition
  • Craft a memorable brand experience


Design your own Cyber Sales Festival

Learn how our customer, Cyber Sales Festival, created their event, and how you can host your own multiple-day live shopping festival.

From idea to execution

Live shopping blueprint

Let us walk you through the simple setup steps and story building blocks you’ll need to succeed.

Event strategy

Define a clear theme for your live shopping event.
In our blueprint, we focus on four strategies:

Strategy 1: ‘It’s all about sales’

Show me the money. Successful live shopping sales events need to create a sense of exclusivity and time sensitivity to entice the audience to buy. Our blueprint will show you how to do it.

Strategy 2: ‘Informative & educational live shopping’

This approach suits products with a narrative (like technical or harder-to-understand products). We’ll show you how to address any hesitations and create demand.

Strategy 3: ‘Gamified live shopping’

This approach is focused on fun. By stimulating the competitive spirit, your audience plays for eternal fame and attractive prizes that excite and delight.

Strategy 4: ‘Show me the data’

This strategy is all about data. By strategically using engagement and interactivity tools, you can collect all kinds of data and gather valuable insights for better customer targeting.

You can find more information (including tech specs, content suggestions, and production recommendations) about each event strategy in the blueprint.


Our blueprint explains all the important elements that make up a successful live shopping stream, regardless of your strategy, including:

1. Timeline

What is a timeline and how do you create one?
Check out our blueprint for a working example.

2. Stream & engage

What are the out-of-the-box interactions you can use to boost engagement throughout your stream?
The blueprint offers an overview of all interactions on page 39 and 40.

3. Video production

What does a studio setup look like, and how professional does it need to be to start?
Check out four studio setup options on page 35.


Livery live shopping case studies.

Case Study 1:
Cyber Sales - unpacking event electronics

“In the Cyber Sales unpacking events, we showcased electronic gadgets that were new to the market. The powerful combination of product suspense and a FOMO-enhanced exclusive offer makes unpacking events incredibly popular and effective.”

Read all about why our customer, Cyber Sales Festival, was successful, what interactions they used, and how to structure the timeline for your own similar event in our blueprint.

Case Study 2:
The National Wine Quiz

eLuscious, one of the leading e-commerce brands in the Benelux, organized The National Wine Quiz. This was a wine tasting battle between the Netherlands and Belgium. The quiz pitted two in-studio teams against each other in the battle to win. At-home viewers could also participate in the quiz with their own pre-ordered wine tasting box that arrived with six (blinded) tubes.

Read all about why this case was successful, what interactions they used, and how to structure the timeline for your own similar event in our blueprint.

production, budgets & profits

Our free blueprint offers everything you need to budget for your event. Learn how to produce it and how to estimate your potential profit with the included:

Production definition sheet

The production definition sheet defines everything you need for your production and business calculations.

Costs examples

We also go through two examples (one at a medium-production level, and one at a professional-production level) with a full cost breakdown to help your event planning.

Business calculator

But we know every production is different, which is why we include a custom business cost calculator. You can play with the numbers to fit your situation and goals so you get a feel of what YOUR budgets and profits will look like.

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