premium smart livestreaming

Enrich your Studio with High Quality Smart Live Streaming

Livery’s Smart Video SaaS solution is designed to boost your business by making new things possible in your studio. Livery Video is smart, scalable and cost-effective. It powers engagement with real-time interaction and gamification, creating unforgettable and engaging experiences. 

Smart and Interactive Livestreaming

Elevate Your Studio

How it works:

  • Easy Set-up: Quick onboarding for seamless start in less than one hour.
  • High-Quality Streaming: We utilize ULL-CMAF for crystal-clear audio and video for the price of regular CDN distribution. 
  • Scalability: With the Akamai CDN as our base infrastructure you customers can stream to hundreds or millions without problems. 
  • Build in Real-Time Interaction: Engage with chat, Q&A, poll, trivia, predictions and more.
  • Add gamification to add fun and improve engagement.
  • Facilitate transactions without leaving the video. 
  • You only pay for premium features if you use them.

Switch to Smart Video, Boost Your Business Risk-Free: There is a world to be won and nothing to lose

Transforming experiences

Boost Your Customers NPS Score or Employee Happiness with Smart Live Video

Empower your customers to improve their brand experience and uplift employee morale and elevate employee happiness. 

Use cutting-edge live streaming services not only captivate your customers but also enhance internal communications. Facilitate your customers by producing interactive, engaging video content that is set to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Embrace a world where live video isn’t just about broadcasting but about creating meaningful connections and experiences.

Unlimited scalability

Reach viewers around the world with ease

Expand your reach effortlessly to millions of viewers Inform and connect with customers, shareholders, press, employees, or broad audiences globally—all at once. Unlike WebRTC solutions such as Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, where participant numbers can be limiting, Livery thrives under heavy data loads. 
Designed as a “one-to-many” solution and fueled by the world’s most robust CDN, Livery ensures seamless scaling from fifty to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers.

Enrich your live stream with interactivity

Want to get your audience participating?

Let your audience ask questions, find out their opinion or let them rate, make predictions or vote on certain matters. 

Highly engaged viewers are more likely to watch your live content all the way through and interact with the stream.

Find our more about our out-of-the-box interaction suite, all managed from our easy-to-use broadcasting system.

Livery partners

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Need help

Would you like a full service solution?

If you don’t have an in house technical service department who facilitates your live broadcast or events:

Livery has a partnernetwork with several full (technical) service companies who are using Livery’s interactive video platform.

We can facilitate the right fit for you, or work together with your current technical service company. 

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