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Any content in your livestream

A WebClip is a floating iFrame in the interactive layer. You can show any content in it, just add the url in the CMS. Show a webshop, YouTube, Wikipedia, Excel, learning PDFs, sudoku, and more.

placement and time

You are in control

You decide where you show the WebClip and how big you show it.

Example: Presentation jpg’s
Size: 100% x 100%
Placement Center x Center

Example: Wikipedia
Size: 50% x 50%
Placement: Right x Bottom

Example: PDF
Size: 40% x 100%
Placement: Left x Top

Example: Spotify
Size: 80% x 30%
Placement: Center x Bottom

The list

Tested and approved

Here is a list of content we tested in WebClips. We don’t limit the WebClip to the names in this list, but these are the one’s we checked and have tips for. If you have stunning content yourself or anywhere on the internet, just try it. It will probably work.

Some websites or URLs have restrictions that prevent them from being embedded in an iframe. Tools like iframely can partially bypass these restrictions, allowing the content to be displayed in a WebClip, although any links from these embedded sites will open in a new tab.

popular webclip content

Approved and tested content

See the explanation on how to effectively use all the above content in a WebClip.

You're in good company